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Goodrich Soccer Club Newsletter Spring 2016


Important dates:
Just a reminder – spring season is a continuation from fall 2015. This means, whenever possible, the kids will play on the same team as in the fall.  


Here are key spring dates to remember:

·         U6
Meet and greet: April 13th
Games: April 16th - June 11th


·         U8,U10 & U12/14
Optional practices can take place the week of April 4th (fields permitting)
Regular practices can start the week of April 11th
Games: April 16th - June 11th


·         May 7th: No games for U8 or U12/U14

·         May 24th:  No Games – Memorial Day weekend


·         U10 and U12/U14
Playoffs - Start the week of June 6th and end on Saturday, June 11th
June 11th:  Soccer Picnic - Watch your email for updates on the picnic.

July 25th - 29th: UK Soccer Camp at Oaktree! ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY!         

Spring Team Pictures:
We’ll be announcing the dates of the pictures a little later, check for a website announcement.
Important Things to Know:

No jewelry, hooded sweatshirts or hats with bills please!  Just a reminder, Goodrich Soccer Club has a safety policy that does not allow jewelry to be worn on the fields, including pierced earrings.  If you plan on having your child’s ears pierced, please plan on doing so after the season so that “starter earrings” will not be an issue.


Middle School Parking:  Help the Soccer Club and Goodrich Schools keep safe by not parking along the edge of the Middle School fields.  We’ve had kids nearly hit as they run between the fast moving cars in past years. Goodrich Area Schools expects our club to keep this area clear of any cars at all times during our usage of the fields. Drop offs are ok, but please move slowly to the nearby parking lots.  This area will become a posted tow away zone as of this spring!


For your safety: Goodrich Soccer Club requires that all parents that are going to “coach” for recreational teams must pass a criminal background check in advance of walking on the field to direct our kids. The $10 fee for this is always paid by the club. The process is confidentially managed via our MSYSA affiliation website.



Parents, Give us a Hand! Please be sure to help us police the fields after the game. Pick up any trash you see at every outing. The litter that gets left gets chopped up by the mower. Please just take home at least as much as you bring and we’ll be fine. We won’t have to get someone to empty trash cans if this happens.


Volunteers Needed!
Our club is operated by non-paid parent volunteers and we need your talent and energy! Our club is not funded by the school or your property taxes, and by not paying people to set up and operate the club we keep the costs down. As kids grow up their parents want to move on too. We always need to replenish our parent-run organization with new parents with younger kids. Check out the website for areas you can contribute where the committee positions are open. Contact Gary Ashley to let us know what you are interested in!

Please contact your Coach or League Coordinator if you have any questions.


I hope you and your child enjoy spring soccer with our club!

Gary Ashley

Goodrich Soccer Club, Operating Club President