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Apr, 2021

Facial Covering Update

Hello Everyone,


To maintain the Insurance Coverage necessary for our children to play soccer, our governing body (MSYSA - Michigan State Youth Soccer Association) requires everyone at games and practices to wear face coverings that cover the mouth and nose.


Failure to comply with this requirement puts the Goodrich Soccer Club at risk of losing its membership with MSYSA.


Going forward, to ensure we have compliance the GSC will implement the following actions:


    • Games will no longer be started until everyone on the sideline is properly masked.
    • Games will be stopped if we see continued non-compliance.
    • Opposing teams will be asked to occupy opposite sides of the field.
    • Family members will sit on the same side as their team.


We understand none of this is ideal.  However, we, like you, want to see the children play soccer.  We appreciate your continued support to make this happen during these difficult circumstances.


Matt Mackinder, President

Robert Winter, Vice President

Harry Flotemersch, Secretary

Debra Flotemersch, Admin/Delegate/Registrar

Gary Ashley, Field Manager/Director

Jodi Angelo, Director

Jenell Keller, Director

Brad Jerome, Director