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About Us

 Goodrich Soccer Club Inc is a designated 501c(3) charity by the IRS and a Michigan limited Liability Corporation operated by non-paid parent volunteers who live in the Goodrich Area.   We are a member of the  Michigan State Youth Soccer Association. There are two levels of play for a youth soccer player to participate:   1) Recreational soccer league for children from preschool to teen age years and 2) Travel (or competitive) teams designed to grow skills further and faster.   

The club currently offers one of the lowest player participation fees for fall and spring season of any other choice in the area for recreational soccer (2012-2013 was $85 for the entire time period).    Our leadership strives to keep the cost per child down very low to allow the most children to participate possible.  We do not give certain people a discount for volunteering or for having more than one child in the program but rather choose to give everyone the same low price and make it simple to manage.