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Cancellation and Special Fees

Goodrich Soccer Club Refund Policy --February 5, 2023.
A cancellation can be a great disruption that has impact beyond the team your youth is on … particularly after the season has started. While some situations are unavoidable, we would like to avoid this disruption whenever possible.
If your youth has registered for the season but is unable to start the season (and does not play any games), the Goodrich Soccer Club will refund the original registration amount (less the credit card processing fee).
Acceptable conditions for reimbursement include:
•Family moved out of the area 
•Medical reason which hinders/prohibits play (broken bone)
Unacceptable conditions for reimbursement include:
•Can't make practice on the night(s) that the coach plans 
•Player doesn't have any friends on the assigned team 
•Coach's demeanor / philosophy doesn't agree with parent's
•Opted to play other sports for the spring session
If Recreational Club players transfer to a Goodrich Soccer Club Travel Team prior to the start of the season, the Goodrich Soccer Club will transfer the Recreational Club fee to the Traveling Team (less any uniform costs). If the player joins a Travel Team after the start of the season, no refunds or transfers will be allowed.