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Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct
-Support your Child
-Always be positive
-Be enthusiastic and supporting
-Reinforce positive behavior
-Let Coaches Coach and Refs Ref unless you would like to do the job from now on.
-Youth refs are the final word
-Remember Recreational League Play is a place to learn good habits and groom your youth for their later High School play.
Club Dress Code
-No hard billed hats (field caps) or helmets
-Please dress child in layers when cold
-Hooded sweatshirts (U-6 & U-8 only): MUST BE ON HEAD AND TUCKED IN (Hood and drawstrings). They may not be worn loose due to safety concerns.
-No Jewelry (especially earrings) 
-Parents do not have ears pierced just prior or during the soccer season or you child will not be able to play. 
-No necklaces or rings allowed. 
-Socks must be worn over shinguards