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GSC Recreational Program

The Recreational program gives young athletes a way to participate in a team event and to gain the basic concepts of the game and decide if the athlete wants to pursue the sport in the future. The program has grown and is able to offer this comfortable atmosphere that is managed by the coaches so that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in every contest. The recreational program offers the sport at many age levels so that the young athletes can continue to grow and still be an active and equal participant in the sport.

Historically, U7 play consists of two (Wed & Sat) 1 hour sessions a week at the Goodrich Methodist Church in downtown Goodrich.  Each session is made up of a 20 minute practice and a 40 minute coach managed game against one of the other U7 teams with a focus on learning the rules of the game. 

U9 – U14 typically consist of one weekday practice and a Saturday game.  There also maybe a weekday game added to the schedule if there happens to be a HS event that is scheduled on a Saturday and requires the club to avoid the area.  Realizing the importance of family involvement, every effort is made to ensure game times across the age groups do not conflict (although this is not always possible).

Current registration fees are $100.  This fee includes two 8 week sessions, one in the fall (Sept-Oct) and one in the spring (Apr-Jun).  GSC utilizes a reversible jersey throughout all age groups.  This enables the jerseys to be reused across multiple years, by multiple family members, or donated to a fellow player in the program if the jersey no longer fits.  Cost for the uniform, which includes a jersey, shorts, and socks is $50 (if a new one is necessary) and can be requested in the registration process.

The U in front of the number means that the player's age is under that number.  For example, U7 means players are under the age of 7 but not 7 yeas old.